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Youtuber & website owner

Are you a youtuber or a website owner?

Help us sell our missions and we share with you the money.

(Please, read this whole page to the end.)

Request a refer code

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What should I do?

Contact us and request a refer code.

We will send you a url containing your refer code, like this:


You can use this url to send users to our site from youtube, from your site, from facebook, twitter, reddir, etc etc etc, from wherever you want...

And that's all!

If someone buys a full version of the missions from a url containing your refer code, we share the money with you.

How does it work?

Your refer code is saved in a cookie on the user's device at the first access, and from that moment on, that user is yours and every purchase will be linked to your refer code.

The cookie has a duration of one year, so if a user returns to our site within a year, even without using your link, it will still be connected to your refer code.

How we share the money?

50% -50% of the amount paid by the user excluding paypal commissions.

Why do you exclude paypal commissions?
Because paypal fees on small amounts are frightening...


If all the users you send were to pay a single dollar, there would be nothing left.

And how can I prevent everyone from paying a single dollar?

We haven't set a price, but you can set a minimum price if you want.


Always with your link, adding the amount parameter at the end.

eg: https://gta5newmissions.altervista.org/download.php?refer=YourReferCode&amount=10

With this parameter, the payment form starts from the value you have set and can only go up.

When and how do you pay me?

Upon reaching at least $20 and a few times a month via paypal.

First, always for the high paypal commissions, second for not messing up too much.

Where can I see what amount I got to?

Emh... you can't... not now...

But we are working on it, we have just started all this and at the moment we have not yet created an administrative area, simply because at the moment it is not yet worth it.

Before committing to work for a year to create the most wonderful administrative area, we want to understand if this thing works, if people are interested, if a few dollars arrive, etc.

For the moment all this is just a simple site created in the easiest and fastest way possible, just to take a test.

Then, if everything works, we continue to develop the site, we create new procedures, structures and administrative areas etc. etc. etc. and maybe we also make it a serious and great software to create affiliate programs in a simple way.

If it doesn't work, we have wasted little time.

However, for the moment we send you an email every time a purchase is made with your refer code, with the amount paid by the user.

(Remember that we will then remove the paypal commissions)

Request a refer code

I agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.