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Old missions

There are also other missions, but they are older, no longer updated and even the software with which they were made is no longer updated by the author.

They were created with Build a Mission, an old software for making missions, simpler and with much less functions than MIssion Maker, always created by aimless, but it has not been updated or supported for a while and has now been abandoned by the author .

So the missions are older, simpler, shorter, we cannot update or modify them, and you can only play with the three main characters.

But anyway both Build a Mission and the missions are still downloadable and functional and if you want you can play them.

alebal2 missions pack

A lot of new missions for Michael, Franklin & Trevor playable in single player.

Between the [ ] the player to use to make sense of the story.
[M] Michael
[F] Franklin
[T] Trevor

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So now what?

A new big missions pack, new missions for Michael Franklin and Trevor. It starts where everything was finished, where it will end is still unknown.

Between the [ ] the player to use to make sense of the story.
[M] Michael
[F] Franklin
[T] Trevor

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Franklin & Lamar missions pack

Franklin & Lamar become business partners

What does that mean?
It means drug trafficking, arms trafficking, girls, favors and jobs for Michael, Trevor and Lester, and girls, carjackings, puntitive expeditions, sniper missions, gang clashes, days with friends and girls, and much more...

Play with Franklin.

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Hangover missions pack

What the hell happened last night? Nobody remembers nothing!

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Michael day missions pack

Live an typical day for Michael!
Work, family, relations with the mafia, the mess and whims of actors, old friends, new friends ... and more...

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Trevor day missions pack

Trevor is out of town, and he needs someone to take care of his daily routine for a day, no questions asked.

Play with Franklin, to give sense to story. Star with 0600 then 0700, 0800 etc.

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