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alebal4, the last big missions pack in progress...


Let's start with the first 10 missions... and nobody knows where we will end...

Also this mission pack starts immediately introducing new friends, new enemies and new stories but we have not forgotten about Michael, Trevor and Franklin and all their historical friends and enemies.

alebal4 will continue to evolve some introduced stories and relationships with friends and enemies known in alebal3 and will introduce new stories and characters that will probably be nightmares for our friends.

But the past is gone and the future has not yet arrived, and the universe is perhaps no longer flat... so everything is confused and unpredictable and only time knows where we will end up.

We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Download alebal4 missions pack

alebal3 - 100 new missions for GTA 5

alebal3 is our first gigantic mission pack of 100 missions created with Mission Maker.

There are hundreds of hours of play and it introduces some new characters, some new friends, some new enemies, new stories, as well as obviously following and continuing the stories of Michael, Trevor, Franklin and Lamar, Amanda, Jimmy, Tracy, Ron, Wade, Lester, Paige, Agent Norton, etc. etc. etc.

Download alebal3 missions pack

Older missions

There are also other missions, but they are older, no longer updated and even the software with which they were made is no longer updated by the author.

However, if you want, they exist...

See old missions

How to play the missions?

1) Open the Mission Maker menu (usually F10)
2) Select "Play Mission"
3) Select the mission you want to play
4) Have a good time!

(If you get tired or want to stop you can click F10 -> Cancel Mission)

Our missions for GTA 5

Let's start by saying that our missions are handmade, mainly with Mission Maker by aimless.

In our missions you will play in "Single Player Mode" (not online), but this does not mean that you will only play with Michael, Trevor, Franklin but also with Lamar, Amanda, Tracy, Jimmy, Ron, Wade, Agent Norton and many other characters.

All our missions have dialogues and stories and although they are not all related, they follow a logical thread and often characters and stories intertwine in a single great adventure.

In our missions you can go into vehicles as passenger, go inside interiors, open doors, hack pc and safes, use new vehicles, play and interact with new characters and much more...

You can play with GTA updates, DLC vehicles, and GTA Online interiors (such as facilities, bunkers, online apartments, etc.), and you can use many other mods that allow to add functions and features to missions.

But we are not Rockstar, the missions are done amateurly in our free time, so they do not have all the features of Rockstar missions, for example we do not have the voices and at the moment we can't add them, but in the missions there are dialogues and stories told using texts and messages.

The missions were carried out with the help of some tools available online, such as Mission Maker, Build a Mission, Open all interior, etc., so you will have to install them in order to play the missions, but don't worry, we have created a guide that will help you will help install everything you need to play.

Our missions are handmade by people with free time, so please do not expect professional quality. They will be good, but never perfect.

Last and perhaps most important our missions aren't released regularly, we don't have and we don't want deadlines, so please don't ask insistently, it's just a way to spend some free time for us, if it became a job it wouldn't be fun anymore.