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Reverse order

alebal4 -> alebal4 080 - Time mission

How do you sink the tug using the UpNatomizer? So https://youtu.be/qsTPSKT2j1U

GTA5NewMissions - 2022-04-02 23:47:31

alebal4 -> alebal4 076 - The new master

How to install skeleton? Just copy the four s_m_y_grip_01 files into x64e.rpf\models\cdimages\componentpeds_s_m_y.rpf\ with OpenIV to replace the ped.

GTA5NewMissions - 2022-04-02 23:44:45

alebal4 -> alebal4 058 - Yacht party

House collision no longer work? Do you go through the walls of the houses? Edit content.xml file (eg. mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/malibu_mansion/dlc.rpf/content.xml) with OpenIV and set disabled=true (all the ones you see)

GTA5NewMissions - 2022-01-16 22:01:26

alebal4 -> alebal4 061 - Hay delivery

How to push Michael\'s tractor with hay trailer up the mountain using accelerator and handbrake? https://youtu.be/s0ykYXema6g?t=52

GTA5NewMissions - 2021-12-06 01:25:58

alebal4 -> alebal4 052 - Paige's mom

I fell in love with Paige\'s mom

- 2021-10-17 01:47:51

alebal4 -> alebal4 058 - Yacht party

You will need this in the mission alebal4 058 - Yacht party: Drivable Yacht IV [Add-On] 2.0. I initially had trouble installing this mod, then after the latest GTA update I was forced to restore the original update.rpf file in my mods folder, and everything started working... so...

GTA5NewMissions - 2021-10-17 01:43:52

alebal4 -> alebal4 038 - New friends save old friends

There is a notice on the mod now: [OUTDATED] Unfortunately this mod have some compatibility, performance issues with other mods, so i recommend to wait another fixed version. It wasn\'t there when I make the mission...

GTA5NewMissions - 2021-08-15 03:00:50

alebal4 -> alebal4 038 - New friends save old friends

There was another script running named \"Cayo_Perico_Heist_in_SP_1.3\". After deleting it the mission is now running like before. Unfortunately I might be too stupid finishing the last part of shooting the planes. Pavel is NOT doing his shooting job and for be it seems too difficult to shoot them before they shoot me.

Leporello - 2021-08-11 15:36:49

alebal4 -> alebal4 038 - New friends save old friends

I hope you solve it because I don\'t think I can do much. In case I can eliminate the option \"survive to the end\" in the next mission update, but that wouldn\'t be nice ...

GTA5NewMissions - 2021-08-10 01:35:15

alebal4 -> alebal4 038 - New friends save old friends

I continued testing and found out: It has NOTHING to do with the game version update! At the moment it looks like it is caused by the interference of other scripts. Now I\'m going to find out which one.

Leporello - 2021-08-08 19:10:06