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Free or Full?

Let me explain, free version and full version have all the missions (including the latest updates), but...

In the "Free" version, every 10 missions, 5 are playable and 5 are blocked.

In the "Full" version all missions are playable. You can play all the missions, follow and understand the whole story and have a lot more fun.

But we ask for a small contribution for the "Full" version.
Why? Because creating new missions is hard, tiring, difficult, long work, etc. etc. etc.

How much? What you want, what you can, there is no fixed price.

Free version

You can download the free version here.

Download the free version

(Remenber 5 are playable, 5 are blocked.)

Full version

You can download the full version here, with a small contribution.


(You can download it after PayPal, make sure to return to the site after PayPal.)
(You have 24 hours to access the download page and download the missions after your order.)

Or download it as my patron.
Become a Patron!

Paypal fee update
Sorry guys, I had to increase the minimum to 2$, because paypal on 1$ holds a third... nothing remains... SH..!

Paypal fee

How to install?

First install, follow these instructions.

Just an update? Follow these:

Extract the .zip
Copy all in root directory of GTA 5